Sunday, August 07, 2011

TSA: "Thousands Standing Around"

How many TSA agents can you count "standing around" (or otherwise under utilized) in this photo of TSA screening activities in Denver...?

TSA Screening in Denver, CO [click image to enlarge]

From the spectators' seats, the US does not appear to be on a tight budget. No wonder the world is losing confidence in the US economy.


Promises_To_Keep said...

This is really appalling.

My best guess is that they must be on break. Or maybe, they work for the Government!

Thank you for the post!

GoldResell said...

The price of gold may be overpriced but nothing else can replace it as a refuge from inflation.

Anonymous said...

Piffle. Just the lull between heavy flight times. If they weren't there for peak times air travelers would justifiably scream bloody murder. But of course you're smart enough to already know that.

Anonymous said...

I just saw on television a point in a football game in which 22 players, many making several million per year, were standing or crouching absolutely motionless, very much like the TSA employees. And, believe it or not, these players work only a few months per year. Even worse, if they move they are penalized. So I thank you for sending the photo of the TSA employees. (Note that we have thousands of soldiers who are not engaged daily in combat, and yet collect pay.)

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