Friday, August 05, 2011

Formulae for Success: The Stiletto Principle

Capital resources are always scarce, which means that rational executives will allocate available resources in such a manner as to maximize returns. Business coach Jeffrey Tobin postulates the following as his proferred method for allocating scarce personal resources:
How do you use your assets... your assets of time, people and resources? What different results would you get if you put all of your “weight” into the stiletto-like focus of one or two goals? You’d expend no more effort, but you’d have a significantly greater impact.
Jeff's epiphany is what he calls The Stiletto Principle, which operationalizes as:

E = R / O,

where E = effectiveness, R = resources, and O = objectives. Accordingly, "the fewer goals over which you spread your resources, the greater your effectiveness. It’s as easy as that" (Tobin, 2011).


Follow the link below to learn more about The Stiletto Principle, as well as Jeffrey Tobin's speaking and coaching activities.

Jeffrey Tobin: The Stiletto Principle

PS: Give Jeff my regards when you speak with him...

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