Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Calculators for Mobile Devices: Better and Cheaper

Replace your separate portable financial calculator with Calc Pro (Panaromic), which comes in versions for Windows 7, Windows Mobile, iPad, iPhone, and iPod (the iPhone version appears below).

Calc Pro is actually 10 calculators in one:
  • Standard calculator
  • Scientific calculator (includes RPN mode & access to constants)
  • Base conversions (convert between 8 different number bases)
  • Graphing calculator (8 equations)
  • Unit converter (over 3000 conversions in 19 categories)
  • World currencies converter (150+ currencies updated daily)
  • Constants (1500+ constants in 4 categories)
  • Financial calculator (with 10 worksheets)
  • Statistics calculator (with 4 types of regression analysis & graphing)
  • Date and time calculator
The Financial Calculator contains 10 calculator worksheets to help solve common financial problems, including:
  • Mortgage calculator
  • Tip calculator
  • Loan calculator
  • Time value money worksheet
  • Financial date worksheet
  • Percentage change worksheet
  • Break-even worksheet
  • Profit margin worksheet
  • Depreciation worksheet
  • Compound interest worksheet
Other features:
  • Four display options (normal, scientific, engineering, & fixed with 2-10 decimal places)
  • Five calculator modes (simple, algebraic, direct algebraic, expression, & RPN)
  • Five skin styles (each with eight color schemes)
With Calc Pro installed on my mobile, I no longer have to carry a separate TI-BAII (Texas Instruments) or HP-12C (Hewlett-Packard) calculator with me everywhere...

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