Friday, August 26, 2011

Bernanke's Doublespeak

Here is an example of Dr Ben Bernanke's style of doublespeak quoted from his Jackson Hole remarks today:
To achieve economic and financial stability, US fiscal policy must be placed on a sustainable path that ensures that debt relative to national income is at least stable or, preferably, declining over time...  Although the issue of fiscal sustainability must urgently be addressed, fiscal policymakers should not, as a consequence, disregard the fragility of the current economic recovery...  Acting now to put in place a credible plan for reducing future deficits over the longer term, while being attentive to the implications of fiscal choices for the recovery in the near term, can help serve both objectives.
Dr Bernanke should simply say what he means...

Source: Wessel, D (2011, August 26), Key Passages from Bernanke's Jackson Hole Remarks, Wall Street Journal Online.

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