Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Future of Tenure at Public Universities

According to Prof James D Miller:
Many governors face enormous fiscal shortfalls, forcing them to choose which public employees to anger. Tenured professors, I suspect, have a lot less political clout in most states than do policeman, nurses, prison guards and public school teachers. If online education keeps improving, then I predict that some governor is going to propose firing most of the tenured faculty at his public colleges and replacing the high-priced teachers with online courses. Since Republicans consider academia to be a creature of the far left, many Republican governors would undoubtedly take joy in decimating the traditional higher education market.
Embodied knowledge (technology) is beginning to trump embedded knowledge (professors) in higher education -- the future of tenure at public colleges and universities is at best, unclear.

A Typical Faculty Processional at a College Graduation Ceremony

Source: Miller, J D (2011, August 19), Get Out While You Can, Inside Higher Ed.

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