Friday, March 23, 2012


When you’re mine once again, I’ll live by your side
Your love will be all I’ll need to survive
We’ll hide from the world and listen to the rain
Your kiss my addiction, your arms my domain

When you’re mine once again, I’ll cling to your hand
We’ll stroll in the moonlight on crystalline sand
You’ll tell me your dreams, your hopes and your goals
Unbeatable together, we’ll watch them unfold

When you’re mine once again, I’ll watch while you sleep
I’ll listen to your heartbeat and breathing so deep
I’ll lie close beside you and whisper a prayer
That when my eyes open, you’ll always be there

When you’re mine once again, I’ll kiss you awake
And coax you to linger for the love that we’ll make
I’ll touch you and thrill you like no one before
No desire unfulfilled, no fantasy unexplored

When you’re mine once again, your eyes I’ll adore
Your voice all the music I’ll ever want and more
Your smile will sustain me, your face I’ll caress
Your body my playground, your pleasure my quest

Someday I’ll reclaim you, never to let go
I’ll show you the me you never got to know
I’ll love you so perfectly, we’ll forget the lost time
Reunited forever, someday when you’re mine

~ Joyce Sterling Scarbrough

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