Monday, March 12, 2012

Cozy Homes for Real People

For those attracted to simple living accomodations, the Weller Home (Tumbleweed) may be just the thing.

The Weller Home by Tumbleweed

According to the builder:
The Weller is 107 square feet, not including the porch. The gable over the offset front door gives the Weller a distinctive look as well as a little extra loft space inside. The exterior dimensions are approximately 7' wide x 18' long. At the roof line, the Weller is 9'6" wide and 20' 6" long; and it stands at 11'2" tall (not including the foundation). The downstairs has a ceiling height of 6'6", and the loft height is 3'.
"Build it Yourself" plans for the Weller Home can be purchased for $99.00. Follow the link below for details, including the floor plan.

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