Monday, March 19, 2012

General Electric: Specialists Replace Generalists

According to Kate Linebaugh of the Wall Street Journal:
General Electric (GE) is opening a new chapter in management philosophy. The conglomerate that once groomed jack-of-all-trades generalists is now betting on deep industry experts instead.... The shift is a change in philosophy at a corporation that for decades had made a rigorously applied but generic management tool kit central to its identity. Like all companies, GE wants some of both traits in its leaders, but the balance has tipped toward expertise.
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The shift from management generalists toward industry specialists is long-overdue in enterprise, at least in my opinion. Replacing MBA generalists with MS specialists would be a positive first step. For that matter, the education industry would benefit from replacing MEd generalists with MA and MS specialists as well. The movement toward specialists in all forms of enterprise is picking up steam!

Source: Linebaugh, K (2012, March 7), The New GE Way: Go Deep, Not Wide, Wall Street Journal.

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