Friday, March 02, 2012

A Better Way of Learning

According to Prof David Friedman:
One problem with the usual approach to education at all levels is that it mostly consists of having someone learn something not because he at the moment has any need to know it but because someone else told him to learn it, possibly on the grounds that the knowledge or skill will be useful at some time in the future. It is much easier to get someone to actually learn something if it is of immediate use to him. The best way of learning a computer language, in my view, is not to start by working your way through the manual but to start with a program you want to write. You then have an immediate incentive to learn what you need to write it, and immediate feedback as to whether you have succeeded.
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Prof David Director Friedman (1945- )

My personal learning experiences align with Prof Friedman's views. Moreover, the latest generation of hand-held computing devices is now affecting how learners prefer to acquire knowledge. The emergence and popularity of "on demand" learning systems is a case in point. I sense that education as we know it is about to change in revolutionary rather than evolutionary ways. For the record, I also sense that the end of "industrial age" education regimes is near. We live in exciting times.

Source: Friedman, D (2012, March 1), A Better Way of Learning, Ideas.

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