Monday, March 21, 2011

The Wiki History of Civilization (in 100 Seconds)

Gareth Lloyd has geotagged the recorded history of human civilization according to Wikipedia to create the following 100 second videography. The video includes 14,238 events between 499 BC (which coincides with the beginning of recorded history) and today. While you watch the video, imagine a world map overlaying the screen as 2,500 years of human history unfolds chronologically. Notice that the recorded history of the world begins in what we know today as Asia and eventually migrates across the Americas following Christopher Columbus's discovery voyage in 1492:

Gareth Lloyd is a software engineer living in London.

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Dr William J McKibbin said...

PS: Actually, the beginning of recorded history begins long before 499 BC -- I suppose the reason the video starts at this time is that the events recorded in Wikipedia prior to 499 BC are not as dense...

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