Saturday, March 05, 2011

US Healthcare Costs vs Life Expectancy

This chart produced by KPCB (2011) is disturbing. Why is the per capita cost of healthcare in the US so much higher than in Japan and the UK, yet life expectancy in the US is so much lower?

I suppose factors such as diet, crime, and war could be mitigating life expectancy in the US. However, why are healthcare costs so much higher in the US as compared with other countries? A better understanding of the relationship between healthcare costs and life expectancy in the US seems in order.

Whenever I consider the dollar figures and outcomes of US government spending for programs such as healthcare, defense, homeland security, public salaries, and everything else, I am always left with the eerie feeling that someone or somebody is picking my pocket as a taxpayer...

Source: KPCB

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Anonymous said...

The health profile of the UK is not too far from the US in diet etc, yet the difference in both costs and results of health care is abyssal.

Fun fact: US taxpayers pay more money in tax towards _government_ health care that citizens of nations where everyone gets government health care:

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