Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Globalization Mindset

An emerging theme in enterprise management is that the recent setback of financial globalization portends the demise of globalization in general. However, one of the reasons I believe this assertion to be false is that an entire generation of executives born in the globalization movement retain staunchly pro-globalization perspectives and views, and the attitudes of this cohort of leaders is unlikely to concur with a resurgence of the defunct business models of the past, and especially vertical integration. Assuming a pro-globalization mindset has indeed taken root within this generational cohort of leaders, then their growing influence is likely to affect a broad resurgence of globalization sooner than later from within the organization. According to Prof Harold James (2009, p. 10):
Globalization is not only a process that occurs somewhere out there - in an objective and measurable world of trade and money. It also happens in our minds, and that part of globalization is often more difficult to manage...
The extent to which the proponents of globalization have found their way into enterprise may decide the degree to which globalization's critics succeed or fail. The globalization mindset is alive and well within today's firms, and a comprehensive resurgence of globalization is likely only a matter of time.

Reference: James, H (2009), The Creation and Destruction of Value: The Globalization Cycle, Cambridge: Harvard.

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