Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Rhyming on Purpose

There once was a man who had weighed
All the plans for his life he had laid.
But now at its end,
(I am sorry, my friend),
He’d discovered his purpose unmade.

At that point it was easy to see:
All the goals he had reached steadily
Had amounted to naught,
Not at all what he’d thought
And meant nothing to his legacy.

He awoke suddenly with a scream
It had been nothing more than a dream.
T’was clear to him then,
To start over again,
So he set out to craft a new theme.

A statement of purpose he wrote.
For the rest of his life to devote:
“I found here within,
Whom I will have been,
Now that is what drives me.” Unquote.

So how does this tale affect you?
Take a lesson from what my friend knew.
You’ll see fear’s abatement
With your purpose statement
Which directs everything that you do.

~ Jeffrey Tobin

Jeffrey Tobin

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Source: Tobin, J (2012, June 4), Why You Need a Purpose Statement.

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