Thursday, June 28, 2012

Delaware to Legalize Online Gambling

According to Alexandra Berzon (2012, June 27) of the Wall Street Journal:
Delaware's legislature on Wednesday passed a law that could make the state the first to open its population to a full range of legal online gambling, including Internet blackjack, poker and slot games.... The bill is expected to be signed by the state's governor and comes in the wake of a Justice Department legal interpretation last year that allowed states to authorize Internet gambling within their borders.... Delaware's move marks a significant step in the long-running debate between the US government, states and gambling companies over whether and how online gambling will become legal in the US It is also likely to help spur legislatures and lotteries in other states to legalize or implement Internet gambling, a long-predicted change that is taking more time to materialize than some observers expected.... The Middle Atlantic region has become a hotbed of gambling competition, and Delaware's move could create a domino effect there, experts said. Earlier this year, nearby Maryland's legislature passed a budget that included $2 million from expected online lottery sales.
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Delaware Governor Jack A Markell is expected to sign the legislation into law shortly. I expect that surrounding states will soon revisit their own online gambling laws, if only as a source of revenue.

Source: Berzon, A (2012, June 27), Delaware Lawmakers Clear Online Gambling, Wall Street Journal.

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