Friday, February 11, 2011

The Only Game Software on My Computer…

For well over a decade, Chessmaster (current version 11) has been the chess software program that has traveled with me on my laptop. However, today marks my transition to Fritz (version 12). While Fritz costs significantly more than Chessmaster, Fritz's extensive playing features make Fritz a better fit for me as a chess hobbiest (who plays to win). I suspect that most veteran chess enthusiasts would agree.

In particular, I like the "friend" mode in Fritz, which tailors the game play to the demonstrated skill level of the human player. Also, the new layout in the current version of Fritz includes ribbon features, which are emerging as the de facto standard for Windows programs since their introduction by Microsoft in Office 2007.

For those wondering, Fritz is the only game software on my computer. I play chess almost daily, so do not be surprised to a chess board on my computer screen from time to time if you are looking over my shoulder...

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Dr William J McKibbin said...

You can learn more about Fritz using the link provided above to ChessBase, or perhaps a better site to learn more about Fritz (and other chess software) is at ChessCentral -- more at:

You can also find Fritz 12 at

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