Sunday, June 13, 2010

No More Money!

I saw this posting on the Internet and have to share in the sentiments:
Let’s face it — no one in America has any money — the banks are broke — the pension funds are broke — the insurance companies are broke — social security is broke — Medicare is broke — the states are broke — the cities are broke — everyone is broke.

The reason that no one has any money is that there is no money around — I mean, if the government wanted everyone to have more money, they would just send it to them, right?

Has anyone seen any big stacks of money recently? There’s no money to earn, to spend, to loan, to borrow, to play with, there’s simply no money anywhere — the reason for this is that the government is trying as hard as it can to get rid of money.

My children asked me why we don’t have any money, and I told them that the government has decided that good people and good children have too much money already, and so the government is working as hard as it can to get rid of money — they understood perfectly.
This economics stuff is easy once you put your mind to it…

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