Saturday, June 05, 2010

Information Technology Is Not Smart, People Are…

Dr Andrew McAfee (2010) recently made the following observations about computers in enterprise:
I see companies in all industries using computers to accomplish three broad and deep transformations: they're becoming more scientific, more orchestrated, and more self-organizing.
I sincerely hope that large-scale enterprises might someday become more scientific, orchestrated, and self-organizing, and I agree that these are the hopes and promises of information technology (IT). However, the case is still out as to whether IT can or will deliver on these promises by itself.

My personal observation is that firms today tend to throw money at IT and then rush into the claim that they are therefore more analytic, collaborative, and agile as a result -- the reality is very different on the ground. Decision support and information technology are critical resources for the conduct of enterprise, however these functions and installations remain a supporting effort to the larger tasks of predicting and optimizing. The weak link in the business intelligence production chain is not IT, but smarts...

Source: McAfee, A (2010, June 3), IT's Three Key Organizational Transformations, Harvard Business Review Blog.

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