Friday, November 08, 2013

What is a Data Artisan?

According to The Data Artisan:
Data Artisans use internal and external data in order to answer questions and solve complex problems faced by organizations large and small. What separates a Data Artisan from a typical analyst is the variety of tools and sophisticated methods they employ to achieve their desired results, often under very tight deadlines.

Both creative and analytical by nature, Data Artisans use what they are given and then think outside the box in order to coax strategic and actionable intelligence from the streams of data at their disposal. Often, this found intelligence can only be realized once multiple, traditionally unconnected sources of data are merged in the Artisan's workflow....

There is no exact count of how many Data Artisans exist in the public and private sectors, but no doubt, they probably number less than 3,000 world-wide. Whether your organization employs one directly, utilizes the services of one as a consultant or has yet to hire one, rest assured, the Data Artisan is to the New Economy, what the Assembly Line was to the old.

Source: The Data Artisan

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