Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bullying 24/7

The question asked at the end of this video translates as, "What if there was schoolyard bullying in the workplace?" Needless to say, the theme of adult-bullying carries throughout the clip.

For some, bullying is a way of life that extends into adulthood. Some call it prejudice -- others, bigotry. If only the world could get past this hurtful tactic that has left so much destruction in its path throughout human history. I regret that political bullying is the modern incarnation of this dark phenomenon. For example, television journalists today often resort to bullying their guests during live interviews. No wonder bullying in schools is such a problem. Ponder for a moment how and where children and young adults learn about bullying -- simply watch the many bullies covering the news on your television -- 24/7.

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