Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Appeal of Libertarianism

America's continuing political problems revolve around two competing factions pursuing two mutually exclusive approaches to building an economy: a) the big government Democrats, who guard entitlement spending while seeking to transfer the nation's wealth to entitlement beneficiaries, including government employees; and b) the military-industrial Republicans, who guard defense spending in order to transfer the nation's wealth into the hands of the military-industrial complex. The appeal of either party is to a populist majority at best (i.e., a simple majority), thus empowering a continued polarization of American politics around the two-party system.

The fact is that only the minimal government Libertarians stand for across the board cuts in government spending, lower total taxes for everyone, and a steadfast pursuit of liberty in the name of the people who own this country. Now is the time for everyone to reject the political ploys of big government Democrats and military-industrial Republicans, and to join the Libertarian Party, which is the only true party of principle. The appeal of libertarianism is universal with the potential to achieve a pluralist majority of support (i.e., a supermajority greater than two-thirds of the people), thus unifying our nation around libertarian ideals and principles. More at:

I plead with Americans to search their souls and beliefs, and to align those beliefs deliberately after a full consideration of the facts. For the record, I am a proud Libertarian, and I detest what the big government Democrats and military-industrial Republicans have done to our country and nation. Libertarianism gives me hope.

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