Thursday, July 12, 2012

Athene's Theory of Everything

A popular documentary now circulating on the Internet is Athene's (aka Chiren Boumaaza's) Theory of Everything, which purports to unify neuroscience, particle physics, quantum physics, string theory, and other competing theories of the universe. The video follows below.

Assuming I was Athene's science teacher, I would grade the video a "B" for content validity, as the various extant sub-theories presented are indeed grounded in current knowledge and facts. However, I would grade the video an "F" for construct validity given that Athene provides absolutely no empirical evidence or other justification supporting any supposed theoretical construct or framework for analysis. My editorial comment would be to conclude that Athene's Theory of Everything lacks scientific merit.

Athene's Theory of Everything exemplifies the emerging "cult of the amateur" in post-modern society whereby various theories and facts are speciously strung together through a twisted storyline of obtuse themes and plots that ultimately, convolute science and the truth.

Nonetheless, I did find Athene's video to be quite entertaining...

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