Monday, May 28, 2012

James Malcolm McKibbin: An American Hero

Remembered on this Memorial Day...

General Orders No 21, WD, 1919

McKibbin, James M
Captain (Medical Corps), US Army
306th Machine-Gun Battalion (Attached), 77th Division, AEF

Date of Action: October 14, 1918

Citation: The Distinguished Service Cross is presented to James M McKibbin, Captain (Medical Corps), US Army, for extraordinary heroism in action near Chevieres, France, October 14, 1918. During a very heavy artillery barrage, which lasted for approximately two hours, Captain McKibbin displayed great coolness and courage in dressing and administering first aid to the wounded. Informed that a sergeant had been wounded and was lying between our lines and the enemy's line, he went to administer first aid to him. While in the performance of these duties under intense fire, he was wounded by machine-gun fire and later died from the effects of the wound.

Hometown: Buck Valley, PA

The Distinguished Service Cross, US Army

Dr James Malcolm McKibbin, my great-uncle, graduated in 1896 from Pennsylvania State University, and earned his medical degree in 1899 from the University of Pennsylvania. He is buried in a military cemetery near Cheviers, France. Rest in peace...

Source: US Army Medical Department Regiment

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