Monday, May 28, 2012

Cast Iron Grilling

My condominium association has a wacky rule that outlaws "cooking" (i.e., "grilling") on our balconies. To be honest, the grilling prohibition has really crimped my cooking style; outdoor grilling is one of my passions and joys. However, my cooking skills have now leaped forward into cast iron grilling (i.e., "blackening") for the many meats and vegetables I enjoy.

Of course, cast iron cooking and cookery are nothing new in kitchens. My mother cooked everything from bacon and eggs to fried chicken in her cast iron skillets, and my mother's cooking was always delicious. According to Sebrina Zerkus Smith:
Cast iron has been around for hundreds of years. Before fancy teflon cookware was even a notion, cast iron was the standard for good cooks everywhere. Dependable, that’s what cast iron is. It will last for centuries if properly cared for, and it has a natural non-stick surface that’s eco-friendly. You can bake a pan of cornbread, scramble some eggs, make your favorite vegetarian black bean chili or sear a perfect steak. Cast iron cookware is the definition of all-purpose.

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I had a New York strip steak with fresh green beans yesterday from my cast iron "grill." Perhaps the anti-grilling regulation imposed by my homeowner's association has been a good thing afterall. The steaks and vegetables from my kitchen are still the best!

Source: Smith, S Z (2012), 5 Reasons Why Cast Iron Is The Greenest Choice For Cooking, RecycleBank.

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