Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) for Excel

The Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis has released a new Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) add-in accessory for Excel (Microsoft). The FRED add-in provides direct access to over 30,000 free data series from a variety of sources (e.g., BEA, BLS, Census, & OECD) directly from Excel. Other key features include:
  • One-click instant download of economic time series.
  • Browse the most popular data and search the FRED database.
  • Quick and easy data frequency conversion and growth rate calculations.
  • Instantly refresh and update spreadsheets with newly released data.
  • Create graphs with NBER recession shading and an auto update feature.
The video below provides a quick summary of features.

Follow the link below to download a copy of the FRED add-in software or to learn more.


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