Friday, October 21, 2011

Why High Heels?

A number of years back, I read the following excerpt written by Sandra Bernhard and Annie Leibovitz in The New Yorker, and understood, once and for all, what feminism was all about.
"Why do you insist on wearing those outrageous high heels?" the woman asks. I cross my legs and admire the bulge of my calf exaggerated by the arch of my shoe, and stare down at her conservative little boat-shaped slip-on that gives her foot the illusion of floating away down a shallow creek like a withered fall leaf. I sip on a sweaty Scotch and reply warmly, "When I walk out the door in a good pair of heels, and I'm not referring to some kitschy crap that you can buy on a trip to Frederick's of Hollywood but a really solid set of heels from Manolo or Prada Chanel Clergerie, I never feel vulnerable, there's no time for any weakness, I feel focused strong secure, my stride is potent and no one hassles me when I'm standing on the corner hailing a cab, you'd better believe I'm the first fare he'll throw on his brakes for, you put the two of us just a few yards away, he'll pass you right by. Why? Because I demand respect and my heels back me up -- so don't go worrying about me, I've never been better, care for a cigar?"
Afterwards, I ripped the page out of the magazine and kept it for posterity's sake. Ladies, I get it...

Source: Bernhard S & Leibovitz, A (1996, February 26), Why High Heals? The New Yorker.

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