Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Derailed the Recovery?

An interesting question was posed in the Wall Street Journal (2011) this morning under the title, What Derailed the Economic Recovery? Three Possible Explanations. I provided my own short explantion as a posted comment in response:
The economic recovery was "derailed" by the myopic response of the Federal Reserve and Congress -- when the crisis began, the US embarked on efforts to save Federalism as the first priority, which meant bailing out or protecting "too big to fail" banks, automobile manufacturing, the defense industry, and government salaries -- unfortunately, those efforts ignored the problems on Main Street, including comsumption -- reality to date is that consumption has not been restored, probably because consumers have no money -- any money that was dispersed went to Federal and state workers, defense, and the automobile industry -- but nothing whatsoever has been done to put money directly into the hands of consumers -- at this point, Federalism is consuming all the nation's resources and then some -- anything left is being consumed by state workers and programs -- nothing is left for the consumer-at-large in America -- the US has become a safe-haven for the largest "too big to fail banks," government workers, unionized manufacturing, and the defense establishment -- public employees are a protected class, while small businesses and consumers have been "written off" in a misguided effort to save Federalism from itself...
Source: What Derailed the Economic Recovery? Three Possible Explanations (2011, July 21), Wall Street Journal.

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