Sunday, July 03, 2011

Amadeus: The Place for Ribs

Who would have thought that perhaps the best ribs in the world are served in the historic city of Ghent located in the Flemish region of Belgium:
Restaurant Amadeus in Ghent is located in the centre of the historic Patershol. The restaurant was established in 1987, and we have remained true to our original concept ever since. The house speciality is "spare ribs à volonté." This dish is served with a side-salad and a jacket potato, with our own special herb butter whose flavour really is second to none. The "à volonté" means "as much as you like," and we really mean this: extra spare ribs, potatoes, salad and accompanying sauces really can be ordered without any limit, for a very reasonable fixed price.
I am not sure what the "secret ingredient" is at Amadeus, but I believe I was tasting a caramelized molasses in the rib sauce that was absolutely mouthwatering. The departure from the traditional tomato-based rib sauce was a surprising delight!

Spareribs À Volonté at Amadeus

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Amadeus this past week by special friends who live in Ghent. The entire evening was wonderful (as was the beer). I will be eating again at Amadeus during my next visit for sure. Follow the link below to learn more about this fine European restaurant.

Amadeus: The Place for Ribs

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William J McKibbin said...

Special thank you again to David Vose and Stijn Vanden Bossche for the wonderful hospitality, friendship, and evening of fun in Ghent, Belgium!

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