Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ways to Prepare for Economic Depression

Here are some ways that ordinary people can prepare themselves and their families for economic depression:
  • Convert knowledge and experiences into basic skills.
  • Eliminate indebtedness.
  • Stockpile food, water, and medications.
  • Avoid marriage or divorce until prosperity returns.
  • Avoid adding children until prosperity returns.
  • Start a garden.
  • Use public transportation.
  • Expand your circle of friends.
I weep for those suffering economic hardship in America today, even if what we are experiencing is only a "recession"...

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Hidesato Sakakibara said...

You forgot to mention that people can "leave" the US. More and more are doing so. I suggest the sooner the better. LEAVING the US means you are ENTERING somewhere else. That means you are dependent not only on the US government to allow you to leave, but on another government to allow you to enter. And, as I expect, as more and more Americans head for the gates, more countries, in particular those popular with Americans such as Canada, Mexico, and Australia, may feel overwhelmed and make entry harder than it may be now. So, as they say, 'get while the getting is good.'

AEF said...

For me there are three things you need in order to be prepared for an economic depression
The first one is to make sure you have a trade or skill that is useful
Second one is to stock things that will be in demand or are import reliant like food and medicines.
And the last one is to clear the debt you have

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