Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Making Software Fun to Learn

Remember the days when learning to program and using software was fun? The logo below speaks volumes about what I am asking:

Beagle Bros software was produced for the Apple II line of computers back in the 1980's. The Beagle Bros catalog included a wide variety of comical software programs, utilities, and code snippets that appealed to both expert programmers and hobbyists alike. What made Beagle Bros unique was that their software was fun! The eventual replacement of the venerable Apple II with mightier machines eventually lead to the sunset of Beagle Bros as a software publishing firm. However, the Beagle Bros spirit and legacy lives on within many of us "old-timers" who learned to program while having fun on our Apple II computers back when desktops were still new.

These days, I make my living with Microsoft software solutions, which are generally a bore to learn and use. Thinking back, I miss the fun I had 30-years ago learning to program on my Apple II, including Beagle Bros software.

Follow the link below to learn more about the Beagle Bros legacy and contributions to desktop computing:

Beagle Bros Software Repository

PS: Microsoft should consider releasing a "fun version" of Visual Studio, if only for hobbyists...

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