Sunday, July 25, 2010

Public Corruption in America

I just read a shocking report in the Sacramento Bee describing public salary corruption in the city of Bell, Los Angeles County, California:
Bell is one of Los Angeles County's poorest towns. Ten days ago, its residents woke up to learn that its City Council was paying its city manager, Robert Rizzo, nearly $800,000 a year, its police chief $457,000 and its assistant city manager $376,000.... These disclosures came on top of reports that four of the city's five part-time City Council members were making roughly $100,000 a year. All this in a city with a budget of about $15 million annually.... It's a disaster for taxpayers. Because California pensions are based on an employee's single-highest salary, the CalPERS system may have to pay Rizzo, 56, $600,000 annually over his lifetime.
I served my country for over 15 years on active duty in the military, but my service was never intended to defend this kind of public corruption right here on US soil. Reports like this are very discouraging for citizens trying to make their way through this challenging economy. Frankly, I am starting to wonder where the lines of corruption begin and end in America.

Robert Rizzo, former city manager, Bell, California

Source: Leavenworth, S (2010, July 25), For Whom Does the Bell Toll? All State Taxpayers, Sacramento Bee.

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