Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The “Big Problem”

Google “big problem” and see what comes back. My search for a “big problem” returned approximately 5,900,000 results, implying that the “big problem” is a hot topic. The “big problem” for me is that I cannot figure out what a “big problem” is. Everything in the news is a “big problem,” including healthcare, energy, immigration, Wall Street, the Middle East, budgets, drugs, government, the environment, and even the future of golf. But, why is everything such a “big problem”? Are there not any “little” problems in the world today? How about “medium” problems, or is it simply the case that every problem gets upsized to “big” just because? I have no idea what the difference is between an ordinary problem and a “big problem,” but if you ask me, society needs to work on its ordinary problems for a while…

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Anonymous said...

The term 'big problem' is a bit vague and hence the cause for such a large number of search results IMO.

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