Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Topological Landscape between Automation and Expertise

Over the ages, the topological space occupied by automation and technology has continued to expand its domain such that humanity has had no recourse but to seek refuge in discovery and innovation. Of course, the innovations of today become the technology of tomorrow, and so humans are continuously driven deeper into the unknown in search of new knowledge and ideas that might somehow ensure the survival of the human race in what is apparently a hostile universe. The chart below illustrates how automation encroaches upon expertise. Note that value and complexity are the drivers of the isoquantal relationship between automated and expert decisions.

I have previously written that the domain of expert decisions is also where polyvalence reigns supreme. The question before us is not how to thwart the growth of automation, but rather how to expand the realm of polyvalence, which has always been the refuge and safe haven for human existence.

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