Monday, February 15, 2010

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 7.0

Good news for Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programmers! I saw a report from Microsoft that Office 2010 will include VBA 7.0. Like Office 2010, this entirely new version of VBA will come in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Looks like VBA is here to stay, at least until Office 15.



Chris said...

Yes, Microsoft is going to continue to support VBA for the forseeable future. However, they are not going to continue developing the IDE, so you won't see the Ribbon in VBA. They will be supporting Office 2010 functionality and Ribbon Extensibility, you you'll be able to fully interact with all of the new properties and features.

There are some very exciting developments for Office 15 which is why no further development efforts will go into VBA (maintenance only).

Chris "Smitty" Smith
Microsoft MVP - Excel

patios said...

Why VBA 7.0 for office and VSTA for poor other integrators of VBA !

If VSTA is not a good solution for VSTA, Microsoft must understand that VSTA is not a good solution for other applications who use VBA !

PLEEAAASSSSE, we need VBA 7.0 sdk !


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