Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I Hate War...

I hate war, and I want the US to stop making war. The US has been at war with troops stationed somewhere overseas now for over 70 years. Ironically, China maintains no forces overseas, and look who has the top economy. There's a lesson here for the US.

At this point, I am more terrified of the warmongering military-industrialists in Congress than I am of al-Qaeda. All US troops overseas should be returned home immediately, and the capacity for Presidents to wage war overseas without a Congressional declaration of war should be outlawed.

Again, I hate war, and I want whomever is my President to hate war as well. Anyone who is a warmonger in the US should be held in severe public contempt by society. Here's my line of contempt: I hate war and I hate the warmongering military-industrialists in Congress.

Let's give peace a chance...

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