Thursday, December 19, 2013

Francis Fukuyama: The Decay of American Political Institutions

According to Dr Francis Fukuyama in The American Interest (2013, December 8):
Ordinary people feel that their supposedly democratic government no longer reflects their interests but instead caters to those of a variety of shadowy elites.... The perception that the democratic process has been corrupted or hijacked is not an exclusive concern of either end of the political spectrum... As a result, trust in Congress has fallen to historically low levels, now barely above single digits.
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Dr Yoshihiro Francis Fukuyama (1952- )

The sad truth is that many Americans today are more afraid of the Federal government than they are of al-Qaeda. How this emerging public perception and attitude resolves politically will undoubtedly affect the economic fate of our nation.

Source: Fukuyama, F (2013, December 8), The Decay of American Political Institutions, The American Interest.

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