Monday, September 16, 2013

Can Higher Education Change?

Prof George R Boggs of Inside Higher Ed (2013) argues that higher education needs to refocus its efforts toward its central purpose of student learning instead of acquiescing to the obtuse political demands of external interest groups who often pursue their agenda through accreditors and regulators:
Colleges and universities are too important for educators to deny the challenges and demands of today and too important for policy makers to pass laws because of pressure from special interests or based on their recollection of what college used to be. Decisions cannot be based on past practices when the world is changing so rapidly. The mission of higher education is student learning, and all of our policies, procedures and practices must be aligned with that mission if our institutions are to remain relevant.
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Just as Eastman Kodak was unable to keep pace with the times, I fear that many institutions of higher education in the US are following a similar path. Today's learners deserve better.

Source: Boggs, G (2013, September 12), Through the Learning Lens, Inside Higher Ed.

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