Saturday, March 30, 2013

Regarding Analytics Software

According to Dr Abhijit Dasgupta of R-bloggers (2013, March 26):
The truth is, very few of us data geeks (data scientists, data analysts, statisticians, or what ever we call ourselves use only a single tool for all of our work. We will often extract data from a SQL database, munge it using Perl or Python, and then do statistical analysis using R or SAS, reporting the results using Word or, increasingly, the web. Specially for data analysis, there is often no single tool that can do the end-to-end workflow well, however much we would like to believe that there is. Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses, and often a mixture works best. The trick is in finding the right “glue” that can string our workflow together.
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RStudio console on my computer

The analytics applications I personally use most include Excel (Microsoft), Decision Tools Suite (Palisade), ModelRisk (Vose), Crystal Ball (Oracle), XLStat (Addinsoft), R (Project R), RStudio (RStudio), Visual Basic for Applications (Microsoft), and Python (Python Software Foundation).

Source: Dasgupta, A (2013, March 2013), Python vs R vs SPSS -- Can’t All Programmers Just Get Along? R-bloggers.

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