Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Scale Implosion Hits America

According to James Howard Kunstler (2013) in Huffington Post:
What we're on the brink of is scale implosion. Everything gigantic in American life is about to get smaller or die. Everything that we do to support economic activities at gigantic scale is going to hamper our journey into the new reality. The campaign to sustain the unsustainable, which is the official policy of US leadership, will only produce deeper whirls of entropy.
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The term "scale implosion" is an apt description for what I see occurring across America and perhaps globally in both the private and public sectors. The drive to scale large businesses and governments is apparently hitting a ceiling not only in terms of the devastation left in its path, but also the inefficiencies that ironically accompany size. The phenomenon of scale implosion is emerging as both a business and political issue in the new economy.

Source: Kunstler, J H (2013, February 20), The Era of Giant Chain Stores Is Over -- And They've Ruined America, Huffington Post.

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