Thursday, January 31, 2013

Big Data Means Big Testing

According to Scott Brinker in Search Engine Land (2013, January 30):
Big data is opening the door to the executive suite for a more hybrid analytical-creative method. The questions big data raises... have an answer.... The answer is big testing.... Big testing is about making a big deal about testing from the top down, fostering a culture of experimentation.... This last point will probably be the most challenging, as culture is not something that changes quickly. Executives need to make a conscious effort to encourage real testing — starting with the acknowledgement that good experiments prove or disprove hypotheses.... Big data is like fuel. Big testing will be the engine that turns it into forward momentum.
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The emergence of "big data" elevates and expands the role of advanced analytics, including hypothesis testing. Information age decision-makers are increasingly beholden to the business intelligence that big data stores can yield, which means acknowledging and fostering an interdisciplinary approach between information technology, advanced analytics, and business processes as synergistic drivers for improved enterprise decision-making in the 21st century. Big data means big testing!

Source: Brinker, S (2013, January 30), Why Big Testing Will Be Bigger Than Big Data, Search Engine Land.

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