Wednesday, October 03, 2012

US Federalism on the Ropes

The epic battle between big government Democrats and military-industrial Republicans over scarce sovereign borrowing rights to fund their mutually exclusive "guns or butter" approach to Federalism is at the root of everything evil about America and her empire. What we need instead are fresh ideas that only Libertarians can deliver at this point. The continuing efforts of Democrats and Republicans to hold Main Street (and the construction sector) hostage to big government and military-industrial spending initiatives assures that Main Street will remain marginalized and mired in economic depression, as evidenced by the long-term declines in real working wages, home values, and the employment-to-population ratio. Nevertheless, the big government Democrats and military-industrial Republicans are now on the ropes, despite their best efforts to form a fascist union in American. More at:

Libertarian Party

The people are not happy; the future of America will be Libertarian.

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