Monday, September 17, 2012

Main Street USA Primary Beneficiary of QE3

The primary beneficiary of QE3 will ultimately be Main Street USA -- the Federal Reserve Board's newly announced bond buying actions will cut a wide swath through the existing inventory of mortgage-backed securities -- QE3 will place money into the hands of those who deal in mortgage-backed securities -- now is the time to look carefully for real estate acquisitions along Main Street USA -- record low prices and interest rates make now an ideal time to acquire some "boring" Main Street properties -- small investors who hold and rent real estate stand to do very well as a result of QE3.

I applaud this latest move by Dr Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve Board -- this is the first US stimulus action since the financial crisis began in 2008 that targets dollars directly toward Main Street growth -- "to big to fail" banks and multinational companies in the US will decry QE3 as misguided because these firms are not the direct beneficiaries -- again, bravo to Dr Ben Bernanke and the supporting members of the Fed Board for their courageous and timely monetary actions designed to benefit Main Street USA home owners and real estate investors specifically.

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