Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Future of Work is Serious Play

Writes Prof Jason Scott Earl in The Beginner (2012, Aug 30):
The great divide between the gaming community and management educators is quickly coming to a close. The past relationship between gamers and business management educators, whereby one dismissed the others based on what has now increasingly proven to be unsupported information, is changing. As research points out, there is a significant opportunity in adopting an engaging business simulation strategy and its potential impact on the world of management education. The truly disruptive innovation nature of online business simulations has the potential to dramatically impact emerging markets – such as online education – with new and more powerful ways of teaching and learning.
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Prof Jason Scott Earl

Virtual learning environments are the future of learning. Firms such as Rosetta Stone are already pioneering new methods for distributing knowledge via simulation technology. Everything we know about education will change as virtual learning systems eventually supplant the classroom approach to instruction. Those changes will affect not only "bricks and mortar" classrooms, but the current notion of online course room structures as well. Computer learning systems are set to revolutionize education as we know it.

Source: Earl, J S (2012, Aug 30), The Future of Work is Serious Play, The Beginner.

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