Saturday, January 21, 2012

US National Debt Increases by Presidential Era

"But, but, but..."

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Dr William J McKibbin said...

Of course, the data above do not include Pres Obama's full term -- nevertheless, the national borrowing patterns of past presidents are interesting...

Anonymous said...

Of course, you do know that the natioanal debt can effectively serve the country just as financial leverage does in private industry. The current low rate of interest afforded the United States can be a good incentive if the national debt is not crippled by wealthy clever tax scimmers, who take pride in flaunting their secret ill-gotten ENTITLEMENT benefits !!

Greville G. Liburd

Anonymous said...

This is surprising though. Every America has been made to believe Obama racked the most debt.
Astounding. Why are people so disingenous. What a Sad world.

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