Sunday, September 11, 2011

Analytics: The New Path to Value

According to a research report published by MIT Sloan Management Review (2010):
As the well-documented "data deluge" deepens, many executives have shifted from feeling overwhelmed (60% say they "have more information than we can effectively use") to recognizing that the smartest organizations are already capitalizing on increased information richness and analytics to gain competitive advantage.
The report describes an emerging approach to analytics grounded upon five guiding imperatives:
  • Focus on the biggest opportunities first.
  • Start with questions, not data.
  • Embed insights to drive action.
  • Keep existing capabilities while adding new ones.
  • Build the analytics foundation according to an information agenda.
Follow the link below to download the full report.

Analytics: The New Path to Value

Source: Analytics: The New Path to Value (2010, Fall), MIT Sloan Management Review.

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