Thursday, May 19, 2011

ModelRisk 4.0 Standard Available Free

ModelRisk 4.0 Standard (Vose) is now available free – that’s right – free! ModelRisk was already the best-in-class decision modeling and risk analytics add-in accessory for Excel (Microsoft). However, the latest update, ModelRisk 4.0 Standard, is now available for free download as well.

Every serious Excel user will want to download and install ModelRisk 4.0 Standard onto their personal computers in order to activate the following advanced analytical functions in Excel:
  • Stochastic (Monte Carlo) simulations
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Scenario analysis
  • Bounded, shifted distributions
  • Correlations between distributions
  • One-click function views
  • ModelRisk functions searches and formatting tool
  • Capacity to run external macros before, during, and after simulations
  • VBA and C++ calls to ModelRisk functions
  • Graphical simulation reporting
  • Descriptive statistical reporting
  • Capacity to view and simulation results as worksheets and workbooks
  • Versatile exporting tools
  • Unrestricted speed and model size
  • Capacity to save results in a sharable Results Viewer format
  • Conversion capabilities from other Monte Carlo add-ins tools
  • Extensive help files with example models and literature references covering every feature of ModelRisk 4.0 in detail
Graduate students in particular will find ModelRisk 4.0 Standard to be especially useful for analytics research and coursework -- the fact that ModelRisk 4.0 Standard is now free software (with a perpetual license) makes the case for adding ModelRisk 4.0 to your analytics workstation overwhelming.

Follow the link below to download a free and fully functional copy of ModelRisk 4.0 Standard now.

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ADAMspeaks said...

I can't wait for the sun to come out so I can download and starting using this tool. I will then comment on what I think about it. Thanks WJM.

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