Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Democracy Reborn

Given that healthcare reform in America is now the "law of the land," I continue to ponder the underlying philosophical themes that might explain the political changes now underway. My previous writings have argued that America is witnessing the final collapse of elitism, accompanied by the "beginning of the end" for populism, as pluralism unfolds to become the political "motif" of our time. Whether we like it or not, the old "white male" regimes of past (both elitist and populist) are withering as a pluralist electorate and agenda takes deep root across out nation's landscape. The fledgling "tea party" movement pales in comparison to the pluralist pagentry that is in celebration of the future. By all accounts, the pluralist political machine is grinding down the elitist and populist political structures in detail. From where I sit, American democracy is in reform, as the pundits of the old retire generationally. Indeed, we are witnessing a rebirth of democracy in our time.

Republican Senators Jon Kyl, Judd Gregg, and Mitch McConnell

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Anonymous said...

Elitism seems to be getting stronger. Unless one attended Harvard or Yale, one can essentially forget about becoming President or named to the Supreme Court. The "we know best" health nannies seem intent on regulating every aspect of the American diet. While the elites may no longer be all White men, they all have similar backgrounds and beliefs.

If we were doing away with elitism, graduates of other top law schools would be considered for the Supreme Court. If we were doing away with elitism, 19th century-style paternalism would not be coming back in vogue.

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