Monday, August 31, 2009

Website Preferences of Social Networkers

The social networking phenomenon is quite interesting. Service providers such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter are in wide demand. However, as with any new technology, we will likely see a number of successes, failures, and consolidations before a market leader emerges. In the mean time, Facebook appears to be assuming an early lead amongst its competitors.

In a recent article, eMarketer cites research by Anderson Analytics that indicates the majority of social networkers by generational cohort use Facebook, while a minority use Twitter and LinkedIn. Moreover, a majority of users younger than age 45 also use MySpace, apparently in conjunction with Facebook.

The summary data above speaks for itself. The generational age groupings were as follows: generation Z (ages 13-14); generation Y (ages 15-29); generation X (ages 30-44); baby boomers (ages 45-65); and the WWII generation (older than age 65). Again, Facebook appears to be in the lead, at least for now.

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