Sunday, February 06, 2011

How to Setup a Football Pool

Have you ever wondered how to setup a football pool at your office or for a party? In fact, setting up an office or party pool is easier than you might think. Simply follow the steps below:

1. Open the Excel spreadsheet template linked at the bottom of this article, and print the contents of the file using a personal computer printer. Your grid will resemble that shown below.

2. Prepare your numbers by writing the numbers 1 through 10 on individual slips of paper. Place the ten slips of paper into a bowl (or hat). Set the bowl aside until after you complete steps 3 through 5.

3. Determine the buy-in amount preferred by your participants (for example, $1 per square to buy-in, which creates a $100 pool).

4. Upon establishing the buy-in amount, decide how much the payouts will be based on game events and record these amounts and events somewhere in the margin space of the grid sheet you created in step 1. Below is a sampling of potential payouts that may be proffered assuming all squares sell for $1 each creating a $100 total pool:
  • End of Q1: $20
  • End of Q2 (half-time): $20
  • End of Q3: $20
  • End of Q4: $20
  • Final score in the event of overtime: $10; if no overtime, Q4 winner wins this as well.
  • Reverse Score: $10
5. Sell all 100 squares for the buy-in amount determined in step 3 and hold the proceeds in safekeeping. As each buy-in is received, record the name of the participant in one of the boxes in the white ara of the grid.

6. Once you have sold all 100 squares (and before the game kicks-off), write the name of either team in the space at the top of the grid sheet created in step 1, followed by the name of the opposing team along the left side of the grid in the space provided. Begin to draw slips from the bowl you created in step 2 above and record the number from each slip in the shaded area along the top of the grid from left to right. After you have filled in all ten spaces across the top, return the slips to the bowl and repeat this procedure filling in the spaces along the left of the grid from top to bottom. You may discard the slips of paper once you finish.

7. Your 10-by-10 grid should now have a team name at the top and at the side. You should also have a number recorded in each box across the top and down the left side of the grid. Finally, you should have the name of one participant in each of the 100 cells contained in the grid.

8. Record the official score at the end of the 1st quarter, the half, the third quarter and the final score.

9. Cross reference the last digit of each team's score at each event using your grid to determine which of your participants wins each payout determined in step 4.

Good luck and have fun!

Excel 10x10 Football Pool Template

PS: Keep in mind that public gambling is a regulated industry in most states.

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